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All Culture-builders are leaders.
Not all leaders are Culture-builders.

Book a keynote that will inspire the team-leaders, culture-builders and change agents at your company or conference to embrace the role, opportunity, and responsibility of intentionally shaping the culture of the groups they lead.  

When I was 30 years old, I was asked to give a keynote for 500 people at Merrill Lynch Canada. The talk was about the power of attitude in shaping our experience of the world around us. While the talk was well received, what I remember most about that keynote was how much effort and anxiety went into preparing for that talk. I remember feeling at the edge of my competence and confidence. I remember wondering if I was out of my league or if giving keynotes was only for people who had significant life experience or expertise to offer.

After that, I made a conscious decision to not pursue offering keynotes again until I felt I was more seasoned and had a broad and deep life experience to draw from.

Well, it’s been 21 years since that first keynote, and in that time, even the doubter inside me can no longer disown my past experience: I have worked with hundreds of leaders and teams to enhance their team and company cultures, and delivered talks to different groups around the world.

Recent Talks include

“Bringing Wisdom 2.0 Back to Work”  Wisdom 2.0 (Feb., 2015)

“Culture Coding”  PMI Silicon Valley Symposium (Oct., 2015)

“The Art of One Conversation”  Culture-Builder Dinner @ Pixar (Feb., 2016)

“Everyone is a Culture-Builder”  Intuitive Surgical Leadership Unplugged Series (Jun., 2016)

“Cutting Edge Culture-Building Trends”  Cooking Up Culture in the Kitchen Series (Mar., 2018)

See Simon in action

Simon’s Presentations at Wisdom 2.0

Intentional Design

High Preforming

Default Culture

Getting Curious


What Simon’s Clients are Saying

Since working with Simon, I got in touch with my leadership legacy, I have become more visible and credible with the CEO and executive team.

Excellent, relevant no matter what profession.

I thought Simon was an excellent speaker. He kept things entertaining and I actually wanted to participate.

I’m better at staying out of drama and unproductive reactions with my peers, managers, wife and family.

Thanks to Simon I have fully stepped into my own executive presence and am actively mentoring and coaching other managers and employees (who are approaching me). In a few short years, I have shifted from a perpetual crisis in self confidence and always feeling victimized by circumstances to a powerful, humble, wise and courageous leader who wields power cleanly.

Great content, good exercises and participation. The time passed quickly and it was very worthwhile.